Exhibition area

A Selection of EU CAPS projects will be showcasing their demonstrations, based on success stories and results.

The exhibition area will be located in the Piccola Promoteca Hall, beside the Plenary Room.


CAPTOR project will present a video showing the steps on how to build a Captor node, the mobile application and platform and the results from Commsensum.

Representative: Jorge García Vidal

MAZI project will demonstrate multiple prototypes based on open hardware and open software, which will allow live interaction with the audience. Specifically: the official guest book of the DSI Fair event which is an open source application installed on a Raspberry platform. The DSI Fair participants will be able to connect to the Raspberry and write their feedback on the event. MAZI project will also present the new admin interface, through which people will be able to setup and configure their own MAZI zone. Finally, an interview tool, designed for our Berlin Pilot Study, will be showcased for interviewing the audience, for broadcasting and archiving.

Representative: Harris Niavis

CAPSELLA pilot project will examine the linguistic signature and capture the subtle idiosyncrasies in the ways citizens are expressing their perceptions about food in different regions of a city.
“Subtle idiosyncrasies” signifies the different way each person is talking about food, which is influenced by many things: country, age, gender, profession, preferences, educational status, financial status, access to information and resources etc. All these aspects shape “the color” of the language somebody uses to express his/her preferences or dislikes. The analysis CAPSELLA will perform will be in the position to capture and visualize these sentiments.

 Representative: Elene Toli

hackAIR will present a live presentation of a hackAIR Arduino prototype and instructions on how to build it. The web application with live measurements from the hackAIR Arduino sensor will also be presented. In this version air pollution maps across Europe are also available.

Representatives: Evangelos Kosmidis, Panagiota Syropoulou

In this ASSET demonstration, visitors can take ASSET dedicated demo-device and go through the “demo-store”. The  visitor will approach a certain product and the demo-device will tell the visitor wirelessly which products he/she is in front of. The ASSET-position prototype demonstrates how it integrates this functionality into everyday shopping routines by seemlessy detecting the product of interest. The aim of the ASSET project is to let consumers make informed purchasing decisions in the retail store.

Representative Johannes Klinglmayr

OPENCARE will present one of their citizen and fablab-designed prototypes as well as their web-based visualisation software stack for monitoring collective intelligence and ethnographic coding. Ethnographic encoding is a software developed by OPENCARE for monitoring online activities of a community. In this way it supports the community manager in understanding who is more active, how to engage the community to generate more contributions and which sub-groups of interest are emerging. 

Representative: Luce Chiodelli

ONODO is an open, replicable and collaborative platform financed by CHEST in order to facilitate the analysis of networks and relationships in any field of knowledge. ONODO was specifically designed for journalists however, anyone can create his or her own project and then facilitate analysis and understanding of complex information. At the DSI Fair, we will help activists, journalists, citizens and other civic society organisations to build their own Network Visualisations.

Representative: Amir Campos

Flyfish is a geolocalized social network that encourages users to develop relationships within the neighborhood, participate in their local community life by promoting initiatives directed at the surroundings, share interests, needs and necessities of the neighborhood. Flyfish transforms every location into a virtual area where users can chat with neighbors, share ideas, ask for a helping hand or offer a service. It is a tool to grow open communities and organizations. Flyfish is now available online, and accessible from the desktop and mobile devices.

Representative: Viviana Callea


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