Enrico Giovannini Full Professor of Economic Statistics, Department of Economics and Finance University of Rome and Spokespersons for ASviS

Enrico Giovannini

Enrico Giovannini is an Italian economist and statistician, Member of the Club of Rome, Full Professor of Economic Statistics at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, Visiting Fellow at the European Political Strategies Centre (EPSC) of the European Commisson and Senior Fellow of the LUISS School of European Political Economy. For more than ten years, Mr. Giovannini promoted the “Beyond GDP” world movement, pushing statistical agencies and governments to embrace the “equitable and sustainable well-being” framework.

During his career he has dealt with several statistical, economic and economic policy issues, and developed an extensive international experience, working with international organisations and NGOs. Mr. Giovannini is a Board Member and Chair of several international and Italian institutions, as well as author of more than ninety articles and four books on statistical and economic topics.

Since March 2016 Mr Giovannini is the Director of the Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development.


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