Fabrizio Sestini European Commission, DG CONNECT, Senior Expert, Digital Social Innovation

Fabrizio Sestini

Fabrizio Sestini is Senior Expert in Digital Social Innovation with DG CONNECT of the European Commission, and responsible for the EIC Horizon Prize on “Blockchains for Social Good”.

Within DG CONNECT, he is leading the multidisciplinary initiative CAPS “Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation”. In the framework of the Next-Generation Internet initiative, he has launched a new area of techno-social research on distributed architectures for decentralised data governance, leveraging on peer-to-peer and blockchains/distributed ledger technologies.

Before joining the European Commission, he has collaborated with the University of Rome “La Sapienza” and worked 7 years with RAI, the Italian broadcaster. He has a PhD in Information and Communication Engineering and has published some 30 scientific papers. As an IEEE Senior Member, he has often served on boards organising scientific conferences. Fabrizio is an Internet Policy Fellow of the University of Cambridge.

On Twitter: @100fabrizio


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